About Us

How often do people say ‘how did we get by without technology’? And yes, it has made a massive difference, but it can be troublesome when it needs fixing, or installing, or updating, or reconfiguring or whatever else needs doing today. And if, as is the case for many businesses, someone is stepping out of an operational or managerial role to deal with IT, it could be holding you back from your key growth areas. Getting a reliable and trustworthy professional to help you is a great step forward.

Your job as a business manager is to maximise profitability by focusing on your core business activities. Ours is to help you achieve that by improving your organisation’s efficiency, productivity and data security.

Bruce Wallace - HasleNet ITIf you are the person who deals with technical fall-out – either directly or indirectly – then this is the one headache you can do without. And that’s where we come in, taking over the mundane day-to-day IT tasks and responsibilities so that you don’t need to worry about them.


Are we the right people to help you?

Well, I guess we might not be. After all, people buy people, as they say. However, we can guarantee our extensive experience and skills. My company, HasleNet, has been helping businesses with their IT systems for over 15 years so there’s not much you could through at us that we've not come across at least once before.

We are really proud of our ability to make a difference to the businesses we support, including some large, highly technical organisations with offices as far afield as Canada and Australia. However, working with smaller companies is the backbone of our business and there is so much to be said for working with companies really close by.

This is why we really like to meet with businesses as a first step - to see whether we share the same approach to information technology and the role it plays in your business. And it gives us both a chance to find out whether we properly ‘gel’. Finding out if we are the right people to help you is key. So please get in touch with us and we can have a chat to assess what your core issues are and if we have got the right skills and resources to assist you.

Bruce Wallace