Cloud Computing

How cloud computing can benefit your business

The cloud has dramatically reduced or, in many cases, eliminated many of the barriersĀ to entry for obtaining IT services, especially for small businesses. Organisations can start up and run businesses with powerful IT capabilities that were previously only affordable to large companies. The barriers for entry are now so low that even the smallest business can benefit from the cloud. Continue reading

Internet and Email Usage Policy

How to create an internet and email use policy for your business

The internet is essential for doing business and many or all of your employees will probably have access to the internet. However, it can also be a great way for employees to waste time, cause security issues or give you legal headaches.

A well thought-out internet policy can help you enjoy the benefits of the internet while reducing the pitfalls. It ensures employees use the internet effectively, states what is and is not allowed, and sets up procedures to minimise risks. Every business should have an email and internet usage policy to clearly describe what constitutes acceptable use of their IT systems to employees. Continue reading