Wifi extender

A DIY guide to extending your office Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi is the backbone of the small business network. It is cheap to install, easy to maintain and, with the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace, an essential part of the modern office. Unfortunately, it can also be unreliable. All of us know the frustration of finding a wireless network’s dead spot just when we need a strong Wi-Fi signal most. Wi-Fi black spots are most often caused by distance from the wireless router (wireless signals weaken with range), thick stone walls, and interference. Continue reading

IT Support

Does My Business Need A Server?

As your business continues to grow you will, at some point, need to think about deploying a servers or servers in order to improve your business’s computing efficiency ad security, and reduce administrative overhead. Find out what servers do, how they can improve your IT operations and whether the time is right for you to deploying servers on your business network. Continue reading