Social Wi-Fi Hotspots

Branded Splash Screen

Social Wi-Fi allows your business to get something positive back from the the free Wi-Fi that you offer your customers. It has become essential for entertainment venues, pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, bars and cafes to offer free Wi-Fi to their customers.

Haslenet’s Social Wi-Fi hotspots enable your customers to quickly connect to your Wi-Fi using their social media account. You provide them with the access that they want, and gain a unique opportunity to engage your customers and gain additional revenues from the Wi-Fi you are providing.

Grow your business with Social Wi-Fi

Every person that logs on to your Wi-Fi gives you the opportunity to immediately engage with both them and their wider social network.

Customers will be asked or required to ‘Like’ you on Facebook or ‘Follow’ you on Twitter and LinkedIn in return for access. Social Wi-Fi enables you to maintain your engagement with your customers long after they have left your venue. Once they have liked or followed you on social media, your future posts and tweets will appear on their timeline.

You can also request or require that customers post or tweet on their timelines and check in at your location, enabling you to quickly and easily spread your brand on social media. These status updates will appear on their timeline and will be visible to their entire social network, giving you the opportunity to promote your business and events.Wi-Fi analytics

Getting to know your customers

Social Wi-Fi provides venues with access to their customer’s social network profiles to better driver revenues by gauging customers’ behaviours and learning more about their preference. Important profile information (age, gender, home town, email address etc) can help you gain a complete understanding of your customers, enabling you to align you business with the demographics and psycho-graphics of your customers.

Branding and promotion

Haslenet’s social Wi-Fi helps venues drive their customers in their purchases by promoting offers through branded splash portals, provide easy access to applications to help customers enjoy their visit and utilise powerful marketing tools to retain and develop their customer base.

Delivered in the cloud, out social Wi-Fi hotspot solution ensures minimal capital outlay and maximum flexibility at a very affordable monthly rate. Our Wi-Fi hotspots can be up and running very quickly, and the pay-as-you-grow pricing model ensure that it can scale with your business.

Still unsure? For a limited period we are offering a free one month trial to pubs, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and any other suitable venue in Surrey, West Sussex and East Hampshire.

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