VoIP Phones and Hosted PBX

VoIP Phones & Virtual Hosted PBX

Haslnet offers complete business phone systems available for a low monthly fee. Haslenet have an VoIP Handsetarray of Hosted PBX packages that are tailored towards multiple VoIP users from just £8.00 per month, but you can bolt-on inclusive minutes to help you save money and keep on top of your bill.

Hosted Virtual PBX can save you over 20% on your phone bill, cut line rental costs and eliminate the expensive setup and maintenance costs of a traditional phone system.

Virtual Hosted PBX is delivered “from the cloud” and will bring your team together, connect multiple offices and home workers with free internal calls and allow you to project the professional business image your customers expect.

Hosted Virtual PBX: The complete, virtual business phone system

  • Work as a distributed team
  • Use the office phone in the home office
  • Upgrade your image with call routing, voice menus, call diverts and much more
  • Suits 1-20+ locations

Virtual Hosted PBX has all the features you need

  • Keep your numberVoIP Handset
  • Create voice menus
  • Set up call queues
  • Manage your voicemail
  • Pick up other extensions
  • Re-route by time of day

Key Facts

  • Immediate and simple setup
  • Make or receive calls in any office, branch or home
  • Transfer calls to colleagues
  • See calls-in-progress across different sites
  • Make free ‘internal’ calls
  • Use multiple phone numbers with different area codes
  • Set up voice menus, call diverts, voicemail, time-of-day routing and more.

From £8/month 

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