IT Support

Network Support

A solid foundation is everything. Your local area network or LAN is arguably the most important part of your overall IT strategy. Its initial design, implementation and regular upkeep are critical to keeping your organization’s systems functional and secure.

Simply put, if you want your employees to be able to communicate and collaborate smoothly and efficiently in and out of the office and with the outside world, you need a solid foundation. Translation: you need a great network.

At Haslenet, local and wide area networking (LAN/WAN) is our greatest strength. We build, monitor and manage networks that are fast, resilient, reliable and easy to manage. We’ll work with you to Network Supportunderstand your needs today—and design expandable network solutions with the future in mind.

Whether we’re enhancing your current network or building a new network from scratch, count on us to deliver robust solutions to link you and your employees to customers and suppliers across the office or around the world.

Our CompTIA Security+ certified engineers will ensure that your network is not only robust, but also safe. From your office firewall to remote access connections for remote workers to virtual private networking (VPN) between offices, you can rest assured that your sensitive and valuable data is properly secured.

If you are unable to justify the cost of hiring a full-time, qualified network administrator, we can assume responsibility for the ongoing monitoring and management of your IT network. Managed services contracts are tailor made to suit your needs and fixed monthly pricing gives you complete control over you IT budget.

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