How to deactivate Office 365 installations

This post describes how users can deactivate Office 365 installs on specific devices. This can be used to reclaim licences if the user has reached their licence limit or when it is no longer required on the device. Deactivation will not uninstall Office 365 ProPlus software from the device but it will put it into a reduced functionality mode.

Why would deactivation of Office 365 ProPlus be required?

Office 365 ProPlus is a version of Microsoft Office that is included in many of the Office 365 subscription plans. It is a suite that includes Word, excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Skype for Business. Users with subscription plans that include ProPlus are able to download and install the software on many types of devices including Windows PCs, Macs and many mobile devices. A user can have up to five installations activated on their Office 365 account at any one time.

In some circumstances you may need to deactivate Office 365 ProPlus on one or more devices in order to free up a license – perhaps you have reached your limit of five installations or you are no longer using a device on which it is installed.

Installations may be deactivated by the end user themselves or by an administrator of the organisations Office 365 subscription. I will cover both methods in this post.

How to deactivate an Office 365 install on their own account

Log in to the Office 365 portal using your own account. Click on the settings icon (the gear cog) in the top menu bar and then select “Office 365” under “My app settings”.

On the “My account” page, click “Installation status” from the left menu bar. This will bring up a list of all the devices on which Office ProPlus is installed and tied to your account. You will see a “Deactivate” button beneath each device.

Subscriber deactivation of Office 365 ProPlus install

Click the Deactivate button and the following message will appear:

Don’t you want to deactivate this install?

After you deactivate an install, you will not be able to access many of its feature.

Deactivating this install does not remove the latest version of Office from your computer.

Click “Yes” to complete the deactivation.

Deactivation of another users Office 365 installation by an administrator

Log in to the Office 365 portal using your administrator account and navigate to the admin console. In the left menu bar, navigate to Users > Active Users and then select the use account whose installations you want to manage.

Once the account it selected, the user’s account profile will appear on the right-hand side of the content area. Within the profile information, find the “Office Installations” section and click the “Edit” button.

Administrator deactivation of office 365proplus

This will bring up a “Manage Office installs” windows. From this window you can deactivate the Office 365 install from any device on which it is install and tied to that specific user account.

Reduced functionality mode

Reduced functionality mode allows users to open and view documents, but doesn’t allow them to create new docuemnts or edit existing ones. When  in reduced functionality mode, users are regularly prompted to reactive the installation.

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