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Syncing Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage to your local computer

Follow these easy steps to sync your OneDrive for business cloud storage to a folder on your local computer, giving you quick and easy access to all your OneDrive files at any time.

1. Log it to the Office365 portal at Use Internet Explorer for the initial syncing as it requires using Microsoft’s grvopen protocol which may not be supported in some other browsers.

2. From your home page, use the top menu navigation and click on OneDrive.

Login to OneDrive

3. From your OneDrive page, click on sync (in the main pane, just below the header Documents

Click Sync

4. A window titled Sync this library to your device for easy access will appear. If you have already install the OneDrive for Business app (on your computer, look in Start > All Programs> Microsoft Office 20xx for OneDrive for Business) then click the Sync Now button to start syncing your folders to your local drive, otherwise continue from step 6, below, to install the app.

Sync Now

5. Once syncing has been established, a copy of all files stored in OneDrive will be stored in a OneDrive folder on your local computer. Any changes to on OneDrive cloud storage (new files, changed files, deleted files) will automatically be synced to the OneDrive folder on your computer. Additionally, any changes to the OneDrive local folder on your computer will automatically be synced to the cloud storage, thus keeping the two in sync all the time. A link to the OneDrive local folder on your computer is automatically added to your Favorites folder, open any explorer window and you will find it in the left hand navigation menu

OneDrive Folder


6. If you do not have the OneDrive, click on the link Get the OneDrive for Business app that’s right for me at the bottom of the window

Get OneDrive for Business App

7. On the OneDrive for Business sync app page, select the version that is right for you (usually the recommended one that appears by default) and click install. Download and install the app using the installation wizard.

8.Once the app has been installed, go back to the Sync this library to your device for easy access by following steps 1 – 5, above.



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