Our Flexible Contracts

Contract-AgreementNot all businesses have the same I.T. support needs. Our support services are designed for customers who don’t have an expert in-house IT support function as well as those that simply need to compliment their existing teams.We work within the remit of your business and don’t try to shoehorn you into a contract that doesn’t suit your needs.
With Haslenet’s modular and flexible service packages we can manage day-to-day IT systems, provide long-term advice regarding IT-related business issues, proactively prevent problems and deliver exceptional value. We offer a range of support packages, from fully supported monthly contracts to ad hoc work at hourly rate, as well as bespoke contracts tailored to your needs and quoted project work.
Give us a call and talk and us about your support requirements, we will almost certainly have a package that will fulfil your needs.

Full Service Contracts

We take complete responsibility for the management of your I.T. systems. This is the ideal package for those businesses who’s systems need more regular attention and changes to cope with their changing company.
A single fixed monthly investment to cover all your IT support requirements. We’ll look after your IT while you look after the business, secure in the knowledge that your systems are fully serviced and your budget is under control.

Partial Service Contracts

This package is designed to give you both peace of mind as well as some flexibility in your I.T. budget.
Ideal for those business who don’t require regular changes to their systems. Instead, we look after the basic day-to-day maintenance and administration under contract, you just pay for occasional system changes when they are needed.
This package is completely customisable so if you prefer to manage most of your system in-house but lack to resources or skills for some parts of it, we can manage those for you.


For businesses that normally have the capability to manage all of their I.T. systems in-house but sometimes need a little help due to staff shortages or skills-gaps. We offer very reasonable hourly rates and our experienced and qualified engineers will get your problems dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Project Work

We provide fixed price quotes for those special projects that take more than a few hours to complete, giving you complete control over your spending. This option is ideal for those one-off jobs like server builds and upgrades, network and cabling installations, auditing, amongst others